A New RWH Station in South Central Wisconsin

Broadcasting the RWH in the central Wisconsin area is financially supported by Randolph Protestant Reformed Church (PRC) in Randolph, Wisconsin. What follows is the unique history of how Randolph PRC’s evangelism committee successfully worked toward getting the RWH on a second radio station in the area.


It all started because of an act of God’s providence in nature. Up until recently, the RWH was only broadcast in Wisconsin on WFDL Fond du Lac—a secular, mainstream radio station. WFDL’s station is located just to the east of the town of Randolph. In August of 2018 a tornado came through the area and knocked down WFDL’s radio tower, temporarily interrupting the station’s broadcasting.


After the tornado, Randolph PRC’s evangelism committee was informed that the RWH broadcast would be temporarily unavailable. “In our evangelism meetings, we naturally started discussing the WFDL station and why we used them,” says Erika Vroom, a member of Randolph PRC. “It was brought up that for a Christian message to be positively received by new listeners, maybe we should try to reach a Christian audience or a different broadcast area.”


So the committee decided to look into broadcasting on the closest Christian radio station to them—WCNP Baraboo, located about an hour west of Randolph. One positive to broadcasting on WCNP would be the listenership the station appeals to. The station plays conservative Christian programs like “Revive Our Hearts” by Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth and “Renewing Your Mind” by Ligonier Ministries. And when Randolph PRC’s evangelism committee reached out to WCNP, the representatives at the station agreed that the RWH would fit in well with the other programs in their line-up.


In addition the evangelism committee had been advertising Randolph PRC’s spring and fall lectures on WCNP for the past few years. Because of the positive feedback they had gotten from this advertising and the station’s conservative listener base, it seemed like WCNP might be a good fit for the RWH. The committee decided to move forward.


It took some time, but the RWH is now officially on the air on WCNP. If you are in the south-central Wisconsin area on a Sunday morning, be sure to tune in to 89.5 WCNP Baraboo at 8:00!