A Joyful Mother of Children

The joy found in the knowledge that you are God’s servant, being used of Him in His kingdom.

A Greater Than Jonah is Here

If having heard the greater revelation through Jesus Christ, you and I reject it in unbelief, the very men of Nineveh will rise up in the judgment against us.

My Soul Has Been Anchored in Heaven

What is your soul anchored to? What holds it in sorrow, in trials, in temptations? There is only one anchor that pulls you up. There is only one hope

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Reformed Witness Hour Overview

The Reformed Witness Hour is a radio and internet program committed to the proclamation of God’s Truth—that He is pleased to gather His people to Himself in the way of repentance and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We broadcast on stations in the United Sates, Canada, and Northern Ireland and post our messages on our website and sermonaudio.com.

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Faithfully proclaiming the Word of God

Contact Information

The Reformed Witness Hour

PO Box 1230

Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Email: mail@reformedwitnesshour.org

Current Radio Pastor

Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma
Email: willb52@comcast.net
Phone: (412) 727-6778

About Us

THE REFORMED WITNESS HOUR, Faithfully proclaiming the word of God for over 75 years

In October 1941, the Reformed Witness Hour produced and aired its first broadcast in Grand Rapids, MI. The radio program originated as a project of the Young Men’s Society of First Protestant Reformed Church and was known as the Witness Hour. It was broadcast over WLAV-AM for the first few years but later moved to WFUR-AM. In 1945 the Young Men’s Society asked the consistory of First Protestant Reformed Church to sponsor the program, and since then the broadcast has been sponsored and supported by the whole Protestant Reformed denomination.

Our radio coverage relies solely on kingdom contributions. We appreciate your support.

How to Donate to RWH