Church sponsorship of the Reformed Witness Hour

When a church sponsors the Reformed Witness Hour, we air a promo before or after the week’s radio message that features the church. We can deliver a standard announcement that promotes your church, or your pastor or someone else from your church can write and voice the clip.


Why sponsor the RWH? In addition to supporting our ministry, sponsorship promotes your church! Your church evangelism committee can use sponsorship to introduce local listeners to your church and to invite them to worship with you. And if your church has a special conference or lecture coming up, you can use sponsorship to advertise the event to local listeners who might have an interest in the topic. If you live in West Michigan and listen to the RWH on WFUR, you have probably heard Trinity PRC’s announcements this month for the Dordt400 conference. Some churches sponsor the RWH for each week of one month. Others opt for one promotion each month for several months.


If your church or evangelism committee would like to learn more about sponsoring the RWH, please contact us at

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