Interview with Rev. Emmanuel Singh about the Reformed Witness Hour

Rev. Emmanuel Singh is missionary-pastor to the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Fellowship of Kolkata, India. Rev. Singh was raised in an Arminian-leaning Brethren Assembly, but listening to the Reformed Witness Hour was one of the means the Lord used to bring him to the Reformed faith. The first message he remembers listening to was by Rev. Carl Haak and was based on the first part of Hebrews 1, “God hath spoken unto us by his Son…”


Below is a brief interview with Rev. Singh about the impact the RWH has had on him and how he continues to use it to share the gospel.


How were the RWH messages you first came across different from other Reformed resources you were finding at the time?

I was attracted by a few Reformed preachers like John Macarthur, but later I found him to be dispensationalist. I also found John Piper, who is very much open to Pentecostalism. And thirdly I found a Presbyterian preacher named Tim Keller, but he is very supportive of contemporary worship with guitars and drums.


In 2007 I found the RWH through the internet. I started to listen every day on my desktop. In a word I would say that the RWH is faithful to God’s Word. The RWH preaches the whole counsel of God’s word without fear and without the concern of pleasing men.


After listening to the RWH for a few years you decided to try contacting Rev. Carl Haak, is that correct?

Yes, I remember it very well. I thought that if I called him perhaps his secretary would answer the phone. At that time I knew that pastors in the USA are as difficult to reach as the American president.


But Rev. Carl Haak himself answered the phone and with Christian care and love he spoke to me. That conversation was like we knew each other very well.


Did you continue to make use of the RWH after you began talking with Rev. Haak and other Protestant Reformed ministers?

Yes, I still play the Reformed Witness Hour on my desktop and even on our church’s premises. It’s always a blessing to hear God’s word. Faith comes by hearing the word (Romans 10:17).


Would you recommend that others make use of the RWH if they are new to the Reformed faith?


Yes, I already share the RWH with people in Kolkata and also through Indian Reformed Fellowship (IRF), a nationwide network of Reformed-minded people. God willing, we will translate some RWH materials into Bengali and broadcast them here in India.