RWH Booklets: Our Monthly Messages on the Printed Page


Did you know that the Reformed Witness Hour is available in more than just audio format? At the beginning of each month we release a booklet containing the transcripts of the previous months’ 4-5 messages.


Who receives the RWH booklet?


We mail out over 250 copies of the booklet each month to readers spread across 30 different states and several different countries. For someone who lives in an area where the RWH is not broadcast, but who loves the Reformed truth proclaimed on our program, reading the RWH booklet each month is a great way to be edified by our radio pastors’ messages. Recently, a prisoner from California explained why he is so grateful to be one of the booklet recipients:


“…I’m most thankful that our God alone has made it possible through His true saints to put the sermons that are preached on the radio/internet into a booklet so that Christians such as myself who are currently incarcerated are able to receive the true and faithful preaching of His word alone. The RWH makes it possible for me to have the privilege of hearing real edifying, instructive, comforting, encouraging, yet all around convicting sermons.”


Would you or someone you know benefit from the RWH booklet too?


Are you looking for a resource to give to Christians who are new to the Reformed faith? Or would you like to read through RWH messages on your own to foster your own personal, spiritual growth?


Sign up to receive one or more copies of our newly designed RWH booklet each month. Please contact us by emailing or by calling (616) 531-1490.


The RWH monthly booklet is available free of charge, but we are always grateful for donations which support its printing and distribution and other parts of our ministry.