Highlight from the Archives: Jonah Series

8/22/21 Arise, Go, And Cry Against It

We will be highlighting a series by Rev. Haak on the book of Jonah.

There is a special application in the command to Jonah to the church in our activities of evangelism. As the call of the Word of God is to spread the Word of God as a congregation and as churches in unity, to send forth that Word of God also through the means of sending out missionaries, preachers of the gospel, do not drag your feet. God says, “Proclaim My Word. Go forth and preach the Word of God. Arise, go, cry against it.” Why? “Because Nineveh’s wickedness is come up before me.”

Listen to the message here: https://reformedwitnesshour.org/broadcast/arise-go-and-cry-against-it/