Rebecca Joostens

Highlight from the Archives: Ruth Series

Enjoy this series by Rev. R. Kleyn on the beautiful book of Ruth. From the beginning of the book where God is chastising His people with famine, to the end of the book with a blessing of marriage and a child for Ruth and Boaz we see several themes in this book, listen for these


Unconditional Thanksgiving At all times and in every situation of life our God commands us, Ephesians 5:20: “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Are there times and situations when your gratitude is not heard in the courts of heaven? Is your thanksgiving

Highlight from the Archive: Church Membership

Our Greatest PrivilegeRev. R. Kleyn Hebrew 10:19-21What is worship? We could define worship this way, as the fellowship of God with His people in Jesus Christ. From God’s point of view, worship is His work of gathering His people together so that they can enjoy His presence and so that He can find delight in

Highlight from the Archives: Jonah Series

8/22/21 Arise, Go, And Cry Against It We will be highlighting a series by Rev. Haak on the book of Jonah. There is a special application in the command to Jonah to the church in our activities of evangelism. As the call of the Word of God is to spread the Word of God as

Highlight from the Archives: Prayer Series

The Privilege and Necessity of Prayer From the archives this month, we are highlighting Rev. Kleyn’s series on Prayer. “How is your prayer life? Are you one who prays often? Do you always know what to pray? Are you comfortable in the presence of God? Are your prayers characterized by worship of God and reverence

Instagram Comfort Series

What is our only comfort in life and death? In all the difficulties of life and even in death and dying, how do we find comfort? How do we comfort each other? Listen to Rev. Kleyn’s message here about how biblical Job had many trials and difficulties in life but his friends failed to comfort

Rev. Bruinsma Interview; I Corinthians Series.

Can you tell us a bit about you and your ministry and where you have served in your ministry? I felt the call to the ministry while I was a freshman in college.  God used a close friend, Richard Flikkema and my pastor at the time, Rev. Robert Decker to convince me to move to

Interview with Rev. A. Spriensma

We have been enjoying messages on the Covenant of Grace by Rev. Audred Spriensma in our weekly Reformed Witness Hour broadcasts. Rev. Spriensma was kind enough to share a bit about himself, his ministry and why the topic of the covenant of grace is so important to him. I have been a minister of the