Highlight from the Archives: Ruth Series

Enjoy this series by Rev. R. Kleyn on the beautiful book of Ruth. From the beginning of the book where God is chastising His people with famine, to the end of the book with a blessing of marriage and a child for Ruth and Boaz we see several themes in this book, listen for these as you listen to the series:

Faithfulness of Jehovah to His promises: God is faithful, even when His people are unfaithful. The last word of the book of Ruth is “David” which signifies that God has in mind the coming of the Savior-Jesus. God is remembering His promises.

Providence: God’ sovereign control over all things for the good of those whom He loves. From big events like famines to small events like which field Ruth will glean in; to sinful deeds in the lives of Elimelech and Naomi to the provision of daily food for the poor- God is at work in all these things.

The Redeemer: In this book we see the Old Testament law of the kinsman/redeemer played out. This is intended to make us think ahead to Jesus Christ our Redeemer, who comes in our flesh and who has the resources to redeem us, who pays the price of redemption and brings His bride into a life of rich fellowship with Himself.

Listen to the messages of this series here: