Interview with Doner Bartolon about translating the Reformed Witness Hour into Spanish

  1. Why did you want to translate transcripts and audio of Rev. Rodney Kleyn’s RWH messages on the last things?

I have translated the written version because I was having a Bible study with my family in Mexico regarding the last times. I think for Bible studies these materials, though short, are perfect for discussing these important topics. I decided to put them on audio so that these important topics could reach a broader audience of Spanish-speakers.

My interest is for Spanish-speaking people to have good doctrine, especially on the topics that are polemical. But I am also interested in translating topics that are doctrinal and that should be of common knowledge, even to the Reformed or Presbyterian Spanish-speaking community. The other thing about those kinds of sermons is that they apply to any type of population.

  1. Have you received any feedback from Spanish-speakers on your translation work?

Yes, people who have been in the Bible studies have benefited from them and also people who have listened to the audio via YouTube.

  1. Are there any other RWH messages/message series that you would like to translate? Are there any aspects of the Reformed faith that Spanish-speakers would be especially interested in hearing more about from the RWH?

Yes to both questions. I plan to start working on a sermon series Pastor Kleyn has on the Ten Commandments and also a forthcoming sermon series by Rev. Cory Griess on the 5 points of Calvinism.

To the second question, I think the sermons that Spanish-speakers are most drawn to are the polemical ones, especially contrasting the views of Pentecostalism and other doctrines; the other topics they like are the ones regarding the family.

Be sure to spread the word about Doner’s work! Follow this link to listen to some of the audio.

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