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Interview with Rev. Bruinsma on Women of the Bible series

Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, pastor of Pittsburgh Protestant Reformed Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has recently begun a new series on the Reformed Witness Hour about women of the Bible. Below is an interview with Rev. Bruinsma about these messages.   Why did you decide to do a series on women in the Bible? I preached a […]

Interview with Rev. Emmanuel Singh about the Reformed Witness Hour

Rev. Emmanuel Singh is missionary-pastor to the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Fellowship of Kolkata, India. Rev. Singh was raised in an Arminian-leaning Brethren Assembly, but listening to the Reformed Witness Hour was one of the means the Lord used to bring him to the Reformed faith. The first message he remembers listening to was by Rev. […]

Church sponsorship of the Reformed Witness Hour

When a church sponsors the Reformed Witness Hour, we air a promo before or after the week’s radio message that features the church. We can deliver a standard announcement that promotes your church, or your pastor or someone else from your church can write and voice the clip.   Why sponsor the RWH? In addition […]

Interview with Doner Bartolon about translating the Reformed Witness Hour into Spanish

Why did you want to translate transcripts and audio of Rev. Rodney Kleyn’s RWH messages on the last things? I have translated the written version because I was having a Bible study with my family in Mexico regarding the last times. I think for Bible studies these materials, though short, are perfect for discussing these […]