Interview with Rev. Bruinsma on Women of the Bible series

Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, pastor of Pittsburgh Protestant Reformed Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has recently begun a new series on the Reformed Witness Hour about women of the Bible. Below is an interview with Rev. Bruinsma about these messages.


  1. Why did you decide to do a series on women in the Bible?

I preached a series in my own church on women of the Bible. Members of my congregation encouraged me to use these in a wider forum. So, I decided to adapt them for use on the Reformed Witness Hour.


  1. What is your goal for this series?

My goal in this series is to point out that faithful, God-fearing women are also a part of sacred history. Often attention is drawn in preaching to the men of faith in scripture. I can understand this emphasis…since the Bible calls our attention to these men. But with a little study we find that the women of the church, too, are strong in faith.


  1. Can you list some of the women you will be speaking on and what spiritual themes you will be examining in each woman’s life?

In November we will be examining the sin of Miriam in her rebellion against Moses in the wilderness. Yes, godly women have their weaknesses too. In December we will consider Abigail and the faith she revealed in serving David, when her wicked husband refused food to David and his men. In January we will consider Jedidah, the godly mother of good king Josiah.


  1. Who is this series for?

I hope to reach a whole range of people. The series will speak to believers, however. This series should be heard by men but will be of special encouragement to believing women.


Upcoming messages by Rev. Bruinsma:

October 20 – Rebekah Marries Isaac

October 27 – Shiphrah and Puah Fear God

November 3 – Miriam’s Lamentable Fall

November 10 – The Faith of Rahab

November 17 – Thanks be to God!

November 24 – Jael: Blessed Above Women